IATF 16949 standard stipulates several requisites which include the necessity of tests, among them the following:

• Planning of product implementation: verification, validation, monitoring, measurement, inspection and required product specific test activities, taking into account the criteria for product acceptance;
• Change control: Checking and validation activities must be defined in order to ensure meeting the client’s needs;
• Compliance with additional checking requisites;
• Project design and development input: Targets for conformity with product requisites, lifespan, reliability, durability, maintainability, time and cost of product;
• Prototype program: Performance test activities - which can be outsourced - are delineated (item;
• Quality of received product: inspection and/or test, part evaluation by a designated laboratory (item 7.4.3).
(This text presents some excerpts from the IATF 16949).

How can CENIC laboratory help?
Show us the project test specifications of your product. The study of product and prototype test standards as well as confection of the devices for fastening your product on our actuators and test equipments, is part of our engineering department’s routine.
CENIC laboratory has set its sight on special tests, i.e. tests on products, prototypes, components and multi component systems.
We are certified by INMETRO’s CGCRE NBR ISO/IEC 17025 to over 60 mechanical tests; we moreover comply strictly with clients’ requirements for confidentiality and property rights.

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