Tests according to ISO 9227 and NBR 15989 standards:
. Pre-fitting tests;
. Elasticity;
. Durability;
. Collapse under load;
. Paint resistance.

Check our capacity:
Our equipments cover a large range of test parameters for vehicle assemblers’ and system suppliers’ standards, besides conforming to parameters for experimental validation of mechanical load simulations.

Mechanical durability tests:
. MTS high performance hydraulic actuator – 27 kN;
. More than 15 electric and hydraulic actuators with capacity of up to 20 kN;
. Test frequencies of up to 60 Hz;
. Test device for testing several springs simultaneously;
. Test temperature of -40°C to 200°C;

Mechanical static tests:
. Static test equipment with capacity of up to 100 kN;
. Rockwell hardness tester (HRA, HRB, HRC).

. Salt-spray equipment;
. Wet room equipment.

Other automotive springs:
. Torsion, compression and traction tests depending on the spring type;
. Hysteresis curve survey.